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 $75.00 for Before/AfterServices.
One bathroom (which ever guest will use)
Living Space Dusted and vacuumed
Decor and table/chairs set-up
Sweep/Mop Kitchen
Removal of table/chairs/decor
Clean kitchen counter tops
Removal of trash
Sweep/Mop Kitchen
Office Cleaning
Your reception area represents your customer’s first impression. You want it to always be bright, clean and inviting. Every individual needs a clean work environment. A well organized and clean workplace helps to make everyone more productive. Cleaning tasks for the reception area and office spaces include:
1. Empty waste receptacles and replace liners. Wash as needed.
2. Vacuum all carpets and mats
3. Vacuum all hard floors
4. Dust all horizontal surfaces of desks, chairs, tables and other furniture
5. Damp wipe all horizontal surfaces with disinfectant
6. Mop all hard floors with disinfectant
7. Remove cobwebs from front entry and immediate surrounding areas
8. Remove fingerprints and marks from around light switches and door frames
9. Clean automatic glass doors inside and out
10. Wipe all internal glass
11. Polish all brass and bright work on doors and cabinets
12. Spot clean walls and painted surface
13. Collect all garbage, papers, bottles etc. from front entrance
14. Ensure all areas are clean & arranged neatly
Kitchen/Break Room & Washroom
A clean and sanitized washroom is a must in any working environment to ensure safety and reduce the risk of spreading germs. Same thing goes for a kitchen or break room where employees eat. It is imperative that this space be clean and sanitary even if no food preparation is done there.
15. Stock toilet tissue, hand towels, facial tissues and hand soap
16. Empty waste receptacles and wipe if needed and replace bin liners as required
17. Clean and polish mirrors
18. Wipe hand towel dispensers/hand dryers
19. Wipe down doors and sills – remove all dust and prints
20. Clean and sanitize all basins. Polish all bright work
21. Dust partitions, tops of mirrors and frames
22. Remove splash marks from walls and partitions around basins
23. Mop clean restroom and kitchen floors with disinfectant
24. Elevator and Stairs
25. Remove garbage from all areas
26. Polish all brass and bright work
27. Vacuum and mop all hard floors
28. Spot clean internal glass in doors
29. Toilets and urinals to be cleaned and disinfected on both sides and disinfected/sanitized and wiped dry
30. Clean all glass inside & outside with squeegee.
31. Vacuum vents and chairs
These are just the very basic cleaning procedures that should be completed by your janitorial company. If your current cleaning service isn’t performing like they should be, contact us! Cleaning Service is standard no matter how big or small your office space is.
         House Cleaning
We Specialize in taking care of all of our customers needs commercial or residential, you are the Boss!!!!
Clean inside/out of microwave
Clean counter tops
Clean/Polish outside of all appliances
Clean stove top
Wipe down cabinet doors
Sweep/Mop floors
Trash Removal
Sinks scrubbed and polished
Wash or dust table and chairs
Clean and sanitize toilets and showers
Clean and sanitize  tub and sinks
Polish chrome/brass- all fixtures
Dust light fixtures
Clean mirror
Trash removal
Sweep/Mop floors
Beds made (linens changed if left on bed)
All furniture dusted
Ceiling fans and light fixtures
Pictures on walls dusted
Window sills and blinds dusted
Trash removal
Rooms vacuumed
Lamp shades dusted
Wipe down washer and dryer
Sweep/Mop floors
Trash Removal
          Everything Else
All furniture dusted
Ceiling fans and light fixtures
Pictures on walls dusted
Window sills and blinds dusted
Trash removal
Rooms vacuumed
Lampshades dusted
Apartment move in/outs
We specialize in getting your home ba
What we can do for you:
• we provide all supplies
• clean inside oven and fridge
• wipe down all surfaces, baseboards, inside/outside of all cabinets
• vacuum carpets
• deep clean floors, sinks, tubs, and toilets
• inside windows/screens and sills
• wipe down all light fixtures
• sweep garage (if applicable)
• remove all dust
• remove trash/items left behind (inside residence only)

 Just call us and We can get your home "Show Ready"
When you work so hard at building a home you want the first impression to a buyer to be a clean one!
Construction Cleaning includes:
  • Clean out all kitchen cabinets and vanity cabinets. Clean all kitchen countertops and vanity tops.
  • Clean all windows and sliding glass door frames, sills, and tracks.
  • Clean all utility closets, furnace closets, storage areas, garages, etc.
  • Clean spider webs from outside entry. Dust baseboards. Detail all woodwork. Dust all doors, doorknobs, plug covers and switches.
  • Vacuum all carpeted areas.
  • Remove all trash, dirt, and debris from the interior of the facility, and place it to the designated trash container.
  • Clean kitchen cabinets, kitchen countertops, and vanity tops.
  • Clean inside of all cabinets. Polish all cabinets, vanities, and other stained woodwork and all stainless steel sinks.
  • Clean and shine the inside and outside surfaces of all windows and sliding glass doors.
  • Clean and shine all plumbing fixtures, medicine cabinets, mirrors,and bath accessories.
  • Clean and shine all electrical fixtures.
  • Clean  fireplace
  • Clean and polish all appliances.
  • Remove all packing materials, temporary labels, and operating and maintenance manuals. Place in kitchen drawers as directed.
  • Vacuum all carpeted areas.
  • Dust and wet mop all hard surface floors.
  • Dust walls.
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